BC Children’s Hospital waxes poetic

A Christmas classic for children nestled all snug in their hospital beds.

Jennifer Horn for Strategy November 25, 2016

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the hospital, not a patient was stirring, not even a nurse.

The famous Christmas poem (the original, not our doctored version above) is being used by the BC Children’s Hospital in a new online video as a way to say “Happy Christmas” to potential donors.

The video features real staff, from doctors to lab researchers to paramedics, along with former and current patients at the hospital as they spend their holidays getting tests done, undergoing physiotherapy and being treated for life-threatening conditions. The hospital worked with Camp Pacific, OPC, Cycle Media, Wave Productions and Encore to create the moving piece, with PR support from Citizen Relations.

Derek Shorkey, senior vice-president and managing partner at Camp Pacific. said in a release the work would remind people that Christmas is many kids’ favourite day of the year, but some don’t get to spend it at home.

“People don’t realize the hospital doesn’t get funded for all areas – they rely on donations from everyday people for things like equipment, research and specialists, so we made sure [real staff members] were included in the video,” he said.

The video is being housed on YouTube and Facebook (with more than 37,000 views so far), and will also see a full-page ad in the Vancouver Sun and big box ads online. All of the ads, as well as the video, include a call for donations at www.bcchf.ca/give.

A new holiday campaign implores Canadians to donate to help the children nestled all snug in their hospital beds.

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