Big changes bring Juniper Park into TBWA Worldwide

Network shifts global executive structure, Jay Bertram re-focuses on Canada

The Toronto-based agency Juniper Park has been a fairly independent, but relatively small operation among Omnicom’s otherwise sprawling agency networks. Though at one time loosely affiliated with BBDO and reporting through its CEO Andrew Robertson, the 80-person agency has been mostly left to its own devices to pursue clients around North America.

But now Omnicom has made Juniper Park part of TBWA Worldwide as that agency network announces major changes to its executive structure.

Troy Ruhanen

Troy Ruhanen

In a series of changes announced Friday, Troy Ruhanen, who took over as president and CEO of TBWA Worldwide in July 2014, has divided command along business market lines, rather than strict national boundaries. Several senior executive positions have been changed as a result. (Read the excerpted release below for details on the new executive structure.)

“Aligning our business with those of our global clients and moving away from a traditional regional structure will allow our leadership and markets to be more entrepreneurial because they are not operating in a traditional structure,” said Ruhanen, in a release. “Instead of being generalists, we’ll be specialists with a critical area of focus.”

For TBWA Canada, the shift has brought its president closer to his home town. Jay Bertram had been overseeing both Canadian and the Latin American offices, but was more focused on bringing the operations in Mexico and Brazil into closer alignment with global operations (a task that meant the Toronto native had to move to Miami). Those offices now report directly into a global leadership team, and Ruhanen has asked Bertram to “get Canada back to where I had it before three years ago.

“I was asked to do the [Latin American] regional job by Tom [Carroll, former president and now chairman of TBWA Worldwide], but he asked me to keep Canada. No one had done [both jobs] before,” Bertram said. “I found myself being split between two lovers and I think it’s fair to say I wasn’t doing enough service for Canada. I’m back to trying to get us growing again, winning new business and awards.”

Jill Nykoliation

Jill Nykoliation

Juniper Park, meanwhile, will remain a separate network offering, keeping its name, staff and operational structure. But now its president, Jill Nykoliation, will report to Ruhanen.

“The addition of Juniper Park gives us not only a second agency brand in Canada, but also in North America as they have a history of already collaborating on many North American clients,” Ruhanen told Marketing. “Juniper Park and TBWA will operate as separate businesses but will collaborate on certain capabilities, such as design and shared services.

“Juniper Park has been performing really well. I’ve worked with them for around six years in total and have always had a keen interest in them. They have a strong reputation and client admiration.”

Nykoliation called the new arrangement a “a terrific match. It’s a privilege to be invited into [TBWA’s] network. It increases our access to global resources and powerful international network with a shared vision for disruptive creativity.”

Juniper Park’s clients currently include CIBC, Virgin Mobile, The Source and New York Fries in Canada. In the U.S., it works on Big Heart Pet Brands, Eos, Del Monte and Miller Lite (it helped TBWA/Chiat/Day win the beer brand back in September).

TBWA Press Release

Excerpt – March 27, 2015
“Nick Barham, Chief Strategy Officer of TBWA’s Los Angeles office, adds responsibilities as Global Chief Strategy Officer to his existing role. He will continue to lead the LA office’s strategy department as part of its executive team, in addition to being charged with leading the TBWA network’s Disruption® practice and planning function.

Perry Valkenburg becomes President, International – Global Operations. Perry will have oversight of TBWA\Digital Arts Network, TBWA\Worldhealth, Content & Production, Design and TBWA’s Merger and Acquisition strategy.

James Vincent and Emmanuel Andre will also assume the title of President, International. James, who was a founding member and CEO of TBWA\Media Arts Lab, will lead the charge in developing new and innovative client models for global client business and building out new partnership models within the network. Emmanuel will be in charge of TBWA’s network culture, training and development programs, with the goal of creating one of the most enviable talent development programs in the industry.

TBWA’s Digital Arts Network gets new leadership, with Luke Eid, Global Innovation Director for TBWA\Worldwide, becoming President, TBWA\Digital Arts Network. Juuso Myllyrinne becomes VP and Head of Strategy for TBWA\Digital Arts Network.

Jay Bertram

Jay Bertram

TBWA is moving to a Global Client Market structure, reflecting the change in multi-national client structures and the nature of their businesses, away from a traditional, rigid regional structure. Fifteen core global markets, including New York, Los Angeles, Canada, U.K., France, Germany, the Netherlands, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, Greater China, Singapore, Japan and global client business unit TBWA\Media Arts Lab (Apple), will all report directly to Troy Ruhanen, with Keith Smith supporting Ruhanen with these markets and key global clients, in the role of President, International – Global Markets.

Toronto-based Omnicom agency Juniper Park becomes part of the TBWA network with immediate effect. Led by Jill Nykoliation as President, Juniper Park will strengthen TBWA’s footprint in the North American market as well as broadening their design capabilities.

The traditional regions will be reorganized outside of the global client markets. Europe, Middle East and Africa will be consolidated into two groups headed by Kris Govaerts and Cem Topcuoglu. Govaerts, CEO of TBWA Belgium, will in addition oversee operations in Western Europe excluding the Global Client Markets. Topcuoglu, CEO of TBWA Istanbul, will also oversee Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Asia Pacific will be divided into three focused regions including Asia, Oceania and Greater China. Philip Brett will assume the role of President, Asia, with oversight of all three. TBWA’s regional operations will relocate from Hong Kong to Singapore, in alignment with many of the region’s key clients. Paul Bradbury continues to lead Oceania as CEO of Whybin\TBWA in Australia and New Zealand.

Two key appointments have been made in Greater China to strengthen the network’s operations in that region. Nils Andersson joins TBWA from Y&R as President and Chief Creative Officer for TBWA\Greater China, making China the fifth office in the network to appoint a creative to the most senior leadership role. Joanne Lao, Managing Director of TBWA\Hong Kong, moves to the role of CEO for TBWA\Greater China to partner with Nils.”

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