Canada’s Hottest Ads: Gaming and beer lead in September

Samsung, Budweiser, KLM and more on YouTube Canada's Ads Leaderboard

Anyone who has spent any time on YouTube lately will recognize a lot of the work featured in September’s YouTube Canada Ads Leaderboard. The best of this work has been put into heavy rotation as pre-roll, likely slotted there by incredibly high view counts and a tone of social sharing.


Hot gaming franchises took two of the top three spots in September – the brand new Destiny and the long-running sports series FIFA – with big-budget, well-scripted and conceived ads from top-tier agencies (72andSunny and Widen + Kennedy Amsterdam, respectively).

You’ll also notice a strong puppy contingent on the list, along with some familiar tech brands (Samsung and GoPro) and a spot that sends up tech marketing (IKEA).

Note: This ranking indicates which ads were most watched within Canada. To be included on this ranking, a video must be listed as an ad on YouTube. While Google does not make Canadian viewer statistics available, it determines this ranking with a process that accounts for paid and organic views and how much of a given video viewers watch.

1. FIFA 15 – Official TV Commercial

Posted by EASportsFIFA on Sept. 12
• A different take on putting couch-sitters in the game on Ads You Must See

2. Global Be(er) Responsible Day | “Friends Are Waiting”

Posted by Budweiser on Sept. 19

3. Official Destiny Live Action Trailer – Become Legend

Posted by DestinyGame on Sept. 4

4. KLM Lost & Found service

Posted by KLM on Sept. 23
• Is this video even real? Does it matter? Check it out on Ads You Must See

5. Experience the power of a bookbook

Posted by IKEA Singapore on Sept. 3

6. Gatorade | Made in New York ft. Derek Jeter

Posted by Gatorade on Sept. 18
• See how this spot compares to a similar ad from MLB in Ads You Must See

7. Apparently Kid’s First Ever TV Commercial – Freshpet

Posted by Freshpet on Sept. 12

8. Bud Light Sensation Into the Wild: Next stop – Toronto

Posted by Sensation on Sept. 3

9. Samsung GALAXY Note 4 – Official Introduction

Posted by Samsung Mobile on Sept. 3

10. GoPro: Golf Trick Shot

Posted by GoPro on Sept. 4

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