Canadas Hottest Ads: Smart wins where spend can’t

GoPro, Gatorade and Carl's Jr. on the YouTube Canada Ads Leaderboard

As expected, a bunch of Super Bowl spots populate the January edition of the YouTube Canada Ads Leaderboard. But as The Tite Group’s Jamie King points out, the value of millions of online views has nothing to do with the millions spent on in-game TV inventory.

Scroll down to watch all the ads.

YouTubeLeaderboardLogo-300x185Note: This ranking indicates which ads were most watched within Canada. To be included on this ranking, a video must be listed as an ad on YouTube. While Google does not make Canadian viewer statistics available, it determines this ranking with a process that accounts for paid and organic views and how much of a given video viewers watch.

1. “Slap her”: children’s reactions

Posted by on Jan. 4

2. 2015 Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial “Lost Dog” | Budweiser #BestBuds

Posted by budweiser on Jan. 28

3. #KimsDataStash | T-Mobile Commercial

Posted by TMobile on Jan. 26

4. SNICKERS® – “The Brady Bunch”

Posted by SnickersBrand on Jan. 29

5. Carl’s Jr. Charlotte McKinney All-Natural “Too Hot For TV” Commercial (Extended Cut)

Posted by Carl’s Jr. on Jan. 21

6. The Mother ‘Hood Official Video

Posted by Similac US on Jan. 17

7. This Girl Can

Posted by This Girl Can on Jan. 12

8. Skittles Marshawn Lynch Press Conference

Posted by SKITTLESbrand on Jan. 26

9. GoPro: On the Ice with the NHL

Posted by GoPro on Jan. 23

10. Gatorade – Sledge Hockey

Posted by GatoradeCanada on Jan. 5

YouTube Canada Ads Leaderboard
December 2014 (with Denise Rossetto and Todd Mackie)
November 2014 (with Dré Labre)
October 2014 (with Chris Hirsch)

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