Canada’s Hottest Ads: The good and bad of celebrity endorsement

Jeromy Lloyd March 18, 2015

Canada was still feeling the glow of the Super Bowl in February according to the latest data from Google, which has released the next YouTube Canada Ads Leaderboard tracking the most-watched ads on YouTube.

Jane Murray and Mark Mason, creative leaders from Toronto agency Lowe Roche, spotted two ads with celebrities that raked in huge view counts, but differ tremendously in quality and strategy. Then they dance like owls.

Click to watch Jane and Mark, then stay tuned to watch the full roll with each of  February’s top 10. To choose individual ads on the top 10 use the playlist at top left of the video.

Note: This ranking indicates which ads were most watched within Canada. To be included on this ranking, a video must be listed as an ad on YouTube. While Google does not make Canadian viewer statistics available, it determines this ranking with a process that accounts for paid and organic views and how much of a given video viewers watch.

Hosts: Jane Murray and Mark Mason, Lowe Roche
Production: Notch Video
Producer: Leah Ruehlicke
DP/editor: Tom Sokalski, Bright Eyes Studios

YouTube Canada Ads Leaderboard
January 2015 (with Jamie King)
December 2014 (with Denise Rossetto and Todd Mackie)
November 2014 (with Dré Labre)

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