Creative Clash: Are big agencies burning out?

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Seeing this handwriting on the wall, I co-founded a firm in 1996 whose mission was to “invent what will replace the advertising agency.” It was commercially successful enough, I guess, but it absolutely failed in its ultimate mission. And one big reason for that failure was the decision to fill the place with people from within the advertising industry. It seems so obvious in hindsight, but to this day very few ‘disruptors’ in this business seem to have the guts to burn the ships. I’d hate to see the task of reinventing the ad agency completed by a bunch of accountants…

Monday, July 04 @ 4:35 pm |


Hey FCB Clients,

While Susan Credle is “waiting it out” The Jack Russell Agency will be more than happy to help you out.


Tuesday, June 28 @ 9:08 am |


Susan Credle said it best with her “I think we are creating too much stuff” comment. Great creative has always been about quality, not quantity, and this is one of those things that transcends demographic cohorts.

Samsung’s campaign cited here is a good product demonstration and nice localisation of the iPhone campaign still running. I would argue that the execution is more brilliant than the creative idea here.

Hiring Deloitte as your mar com agency might make sense if you are P&G, but not if you are small or not otherwise working with a consultant. What mar com agencies can learn from the consultancies is how to get paid for their value.

Thursday, June 23 @ 11:34 am |