Indeed puts global ad campaign to work in Canada

Job site launches first-ever television ads in Canada as it expands global marketing

Rebecca Harris October 07, 2015

Indeed has launched its first brand campaign in Canada.

The job site, which is available in more than 50 countries, launched in Canada in 2005 and established an office in Toronto in August 2013.

Previously, the Austin-based company relied on SEO and word of mouth to build awareness in Canada, but decided to expand its global brand campaign here.

“We’ve seen incredible growth without marketing in Canada, but what we found from our research is that there are still many people in Canada who aren’t familiar with Indeed and don’t understand the difference between Indeed and many of the other job sites in Canada,” said Paul D’Arcy, senior vice-president of marketing at Indeed.

“We’re a search engine that has jobs from all the other sites and from many other employers directly… We’re investing to tell [our] story more broadly and help people become more familiar with the company.”

The campaign, titled “How the World Works,” consists of three TV spots that show how people in a variety of job roles come together to make a product or an experience happen. For example, “How Rock ’n Roll Works” shows the various people involved in making guitars, before cutting to a scene of a band performing on stage. The other spots are “How Soccer Works” and “How Robots Work.”

“When you look at job advertising in Canada and around the world, it’s often been negative—making fun of the business—or humour-driven,” said D’Arcy. “We find that to be surprising given how important career decisions are… So we wanted to focus on some of the amazing things that happen when people come together to do a job.”

The commercials will air in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal, and are also posted to YouTube. The campaign, which was created by Boston-based Mullen Lowe, also includes digital advertising, social media and out-of-home.

Indeed is also expanding the campaign to France, Japan and the Netherlands for the first time.