Keurig Canada skews more digital with Idea Rebel

Agency looking to expand to Montreal as coffee competition increases

Idea Rebel is promising to give the Keurig coffee brand a jolt with a new digital-first campaign approach. The agency has been selected by Keurig, best known for its single-serve java cups, to handle its website and e-commerce efforts in Canada and develop its nationwide digital campaigns.

Idea Rebel founder Jamie Garratt said Keurig Canada (a division of global parent Keurig Green Mountain) has, in the past, relied more heavily on traditional marketing.

While the details of the campaign are still being fleshed out, Garratt said it could include both traditional and digital media but will use digital analytics to measure impact and drive future marketing efforts while collaborating with Keurig’s other agencies.

“To date, they’ve haven’t been taking a digital and analytical approach to their marketing,” Garratt said. “Some of it is successful, some of it isn’t, and they don’t know why. We are going to fill that gap.

“Everything they do, no matter what it is – from a landing page to a 30-second spot – it all needs to tie into a digital model,” Garratt said. “That is the value we are bringing. We are going to stitch everything together so that it makes sense.”

The change in direction comes amid intensifying competition in the single-serve coffee industry. “The biggest challenge we have is establishing a model and brand that differentiates them from [McDonald’s] McCafe and Tim Hortons,” Garratt said.

The account is a major milestone for Idea Rebel, Garratt said. The agency is now looking to set up an office in Montreal to help service Keurig (which is based in that city) alongside a few other clients. The agency has existing offices in Vancouver, Toronto and Santa Monica, Cali. Some of its other clients include 7-Eleven, Westjet, Quicksilver and Sportsnet.

Joseph Souaid, Keurig Canada’s director of procurement, said his company was looking for an agency that would help transform its digital strategy.

“Idea Rebel’s experience with crafting successful strategies for world class brands and their demonstrated passion for our business makes them an ideal partner for Keurig Canada,” Souaid said in a release.

Idea Rebel has a two-year deal with Keurig and will tie-in the brand’s recent product launches including Keurig Kold, a machine that makes carbonated beverages like sodas, waters and sports drinks.

Idea Rebel will also work with Keurig’s other brands including Van Houtte and Timothy’s World Coffee.

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