Photo tour: Giants & Gentlemen’s new Toronto office

To accomodate a growing staff, the creative agency has moved to the city's east end

To accommodate future growth, Giants & Gentlemen looked to the past.

The Toronto creative agency has just moved into the 121-year-old Gendron building on Richmond Street in the city’s east end.

“With our new office we’ve more than doubled our footprint to accommodate all our new hires over the past year,” said co-creative director Natalie Armata in a release.

Since opening the doors in 2012, Giants & Gentlemen has grown to 25 full-time staff. The new space will allow them to grow to 50.

The agency worked with local architect Luc Bouliane to update the space to match the agency’s values and style. “Like G&G, the space is a balance of leading edge thinking and old school values.”

“It’s a fine example of brick and beam design, so we wanted to retain as much of the original decor as possible and create a modern workspace around it with mid-century modern furniture and industrial accents,” said Bouliane.

The agency described the look of the finished spaces as something “akin to a contemporary take on a gentleman’s club.” The agency’s red, white and grey colour scheme is reflected throughout, with some of the reminders from the old office incorporated, including an old-timey red beer fridge and a ping-pong table, though the additional space meant air hockey and foosball are now available for staff as well.





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