Shorter ads the key for mobile engagement: TubeMogul

Canada has the most pronounced drop-off

New research from TubeMogul suggests adhering to a slightly amended KISS formula – Keep It Short Stupid – is more likely to help mobile ads get noticed by consumers.

After conducting research into the ideal length of mobile ads in both the U.S. and U.K., the digital advertising company has analyzed numbers from Canada – where mobile ad spending is expected to increase 65% this year, according to recent predictions from eMarketer.

The research found completion rates in Canada dropped 62% between ads lasting seven to 10 seconds and those lasting 15 seconds, which account for the majority of mobile ads. The drop in completion rates far exceeded both the U.S. (21%) and the U.K. (37%).

Mobile ads lasting seven to 10 seconds had a completion rate of 98%, falling to 64% for ads 11-14 seconds, and to just 37% for ads lasting more than 15 seconds.

In the U.S., completion rates for the three different mobile ad lengths were 81%, 68% and 64% respectively. In the U.K., they were 77%, 68% and 56%.

The research found Canadians far more likely to watch desktop ads to the end regardless of their length. According to TubeMogul, completion rates varied from 96% from ads seven to 10 seconds in length to 84% for ads 11-14 seconds and 80% for 15-second units.



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