Telus The Giving Effect

Telus introduces #TheGivingEffect

Telecom hopes to inspire Canadians to give back with feel-good campaign

Telus is hoping to inspire Canadians to pay it forward with an emotive new campaign highlighting the different ways people can donate their time and/or money to various causes.

#TheGivingEffect campaign is anchored by a 90-second video with short stories ranging from an informal bottle cleanup on a beach to a young woman shaving off her long hair to support a sick friend. The tagline is “every act of giving inspires another,” and was done with agency The & Partnership in Vancouver, which began working with Telus in September 2014.

“We wanted to let people know, in a really cool way, all of the amazing things Telus is doing at the community and national levels, and continue their mission of inspiring Canadians to give back,” The & Partnership’s deputy executive creative director James Sadler told Marketing. “The exciting thing for me about all of this is having the opportunity to work with a brand that’s really walking the walk.”

Laura Hearn, senior manager, community investment marketing at Telus, said the campaign was inspired by its own employees and customers who are giving back in various ways, for a wide-range of causes.

“We thought, ‘what if we showcased this idea that one act of giving can inspire another and do it in such as way that builds a movement and inspires more people to give back?’” said Hearn.

The video is shot using actors, but the scene at the end where the young woman cuts off her long hair was filmed using her own tresses. The actor donated the hair to a charity called Locks of Love.

“People were gasping on set as she was hacking into the first strands of hair,” Sadler said.

The ad drives viewers to an online hub where they can learn more about how to donate to various causes, and about various Telus community initiatives. Sadler said the ad would run throughout the year and possibly into 2017. Apart from digital and social media, there will also be out-of-home and TV spots.

Hearn said the campaign would also involve some of its influencers across social and digital media to help spread the word. For example, she said influencers were being asked to create “pop-up” events across the country on June 1 to raise awareness and support for a cause they’re passionate about. Influencers are asked to share their experiences using #TheGivingEffect hashtag and encourage their audience to get involved.

“It’s one of the most integrated campaigns that we’ve done from a community investment perspective,” Hearn said.

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If Telus wants to “give back” to Canadians, how about they stop conspiring with Bell and Rogers to set the highest prices in the world for cellular service. This is a company that has made a fortune by ripping Canadians off and are now throwing a few crumbs in an attempt to distract people.

Wednesday, June 01 @ 12:21 pm |

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