Where a good mo goes to cry

Breaking up is hard to do. What happens to the mustache after November?

Michelle DiPardo November 27, 2015

A new video from the Movember Foundation and Giants & Gentlemen applauds men who made it through the month, and takes a playful look at what those moustaches go through when Movember is over.

The 30-second animated spot titled, “Movember — Breakups Are Hard On Everyone” tells the story of a shorn moustache, broken-hearted because his one month relationship is over.

The moustache experiences all the stages of grief including depression, denial, anger and isolation, and laments, “Why did you betray me?” and “Did I not keep your upper lip warm?”

“We wanted to help Movember by offering up a new perspective,” Alanna Nathanson, creative director, Giants & Gentleman told Marketing. “By personifying the moustache, we tap into the insight of what it’s like to end a relationship — even with your facial hair — in a fun and engaging way. This also allows Movember to remind guys this is the home stretch and their last chance to raise money for the cause.”

This is the first time the Toronto-based shop has worked with the Movember Foundation, a global charity that aims to raise funds and awareness for men’s health.

The video is being shared across social channels and on YouTube.

Since launching on Nov. 23, the spot has been well-received, said Nathanson, and is being shared by Movember U.K., with the Australian and U.S. arms of the charity looking to fit the video into their programs before the end of the month.

Head Gear Animation and Cylinder Sound produced the spot. All agencies worked on the campaign pro bono.