itravel2000 names Red Lion AOR

Toronto agency to oversee all strategic and creative development for the travel site

Michelle DiPardo December 10, 2014

Red Lion has been selected as‘s agency of record, without a review.

The Toronto-based shop will oversee all strategic and creative development for the brand, and has also been tasked with re-establishing itravel2000 as a leader in its category, which has become crowded with competitors.

“Whether you’re on Red Tag or itravel or any of their competitive sites, the price is the same, and that creates a greater need to evolve how your brand talks to people, and how it’s represented in the marketplace,” said Matthew Litzinger, president and chief creative officer at Red Lion.

Litzinger said he believes it was Red Lion’s unique approach to building brands, and practice of hiring staff with diverse backgrounds (the agency employs several industrial designers within its creative department) that helped seal the deal.

“Usually companies have space and they go to advertising companies to fill that space, and I would suggest that’s not what we do. We have a different philosophy that I think resonated with the people at itravel,” said Litzinger. “I’m a big believer that the way a company is structured actually helps define how creative their output is.”

Red Lion’s first work on behalf of the brand will hit the market in the first few weeks of January, and will include digital, out of home, print and radio.