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Tangerine releases followup to ‘Hard Work’ brand anthem

Online bank takes a more product-focused approach with new spot

Tangerine has launched a new spot that continues its positioning as a bank that helps hard-working Canadians.

The 60-second ad from John St., called “Long Shift,” documents a night in the life of a cab driver whose customers try his patience, from a man yelling into his cellphone, to a rain-soaked dog, to a group of revelers in tiaras. Throughout the spot, the cab driver uses his Tangerine Money-Back credit card to fill up his car at a gas station, buy water and ibuprofen at a drug store, and get a much-need cup of coffee. The ad ends with a super that reads, “Finally, there’s a credit card that works as hard as you do.”

The spot “creates relatable and realistic scenarios for the many Canadians watching who may have just worked a long day or are thinking about their own jobs,” said Samantha Brightling, director of creative services at Tangerine.

“This connects and resonates with many people to remind them of how hard they work for their money – and that their bank should be doing the same. It’s about Tangerine connecting with Canadians on an emotional level.”

The ad is a follow-up to Tangerine’s “Hard Work” spot, which launched in January. That ad – the bank’s first mass campaign since 2014 – aimed to positioned Tangerine as a bank with a purpose.

Niall Kelly, creative director at John St., said the “Hard Work” spot was “a great way for the brand to set up this idea that Canadians work hard for their money and there’s a bank that’s going to help you keep more of it.

“So when it came time to do the follow-up to that spot, we wanted to start talking about some of the ways Tangerine actually helps Canadians earn, save and keep more of their money.”

“Long Shift” will be shown on TV, in cinemas, on pre-roll, and on social channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, in various cuts.

Brightling said ensuring there was creative continuity between “Hard Work” and “Long Shift” was key for Tangerine. “While both spots serve different purposes, we wanted to make sure they felt like they were coming from the same company,” she said. “We worked with Miles Jay (the same director from Hard Work) to make sure the look and feel was consistent and that the music came from a similar vein as ‘Hard Work.’”

Tangerine launched its no-fee Money-Back Credit Card in March, following a test period that began in October 2015. The card lets Canadians earn 2% cash back in the categories they choose, such as grocery, restaurants and gas, and 1% on all other purchases. A special offer is giving customers 4% money-back for the first three months in their chosen categories.

“With so many credit cards out there, it’s challenging to break through and communicate the benefits of our card,” said Brightling. “This emotive piece helps us break through and accomplish this.”

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