Instagram has 8.5 million Canadian users

Photo-sharing platform introduces suite of business tools

Chris Powell June 01, 2016

Canada accounts for approximately 0.5% of the global population, but more than 2% of Instagram’s worldwide user base.

According to new numbers released by the photo and video-sharing platform this week, approximately 8.5 million of its estimated 400 million worldwide users are from Canada. The average Canadian user checks his or her Instagram app an average of 11 times a day, six days a week.

Instagram is also highly influential, with 60% of users saying they learn about products and services on the platform and 75% taking action – defined as visiting a website, searching, shopping for or purchasing or telling a friend – after being inspired by an Instagram post.

More than half of users follow people, brands or interests that aren’t following them back.

More than 200,000 advertisers around the world have used Instagram since it was opened up to advertising, and the company this week launched a new suite of business tools designed to further enhance its appeal to brands.

The new tools include business profiles that enable business accounts to select how they want customers to get in touch with them (call, text, email) with the tap of a contact button. Business profiles are reportedly only available to users with a functioning Facebook Business page.

A new insights tool provides businesses with information about their followers and which posts are resonating the most, helping them to create more timely and relevant content.

Finally, a new promote tool enables businesses to turn well-performing posts into ads within the app. Businesses select a post they have already shared, and add a button encouraging users to take action.

The tool enables brands to select a target audience or allow Instagram to suggest targeting. The post will then be promoted as an ad for as long as the client chooses.

The new tools are being introduced in the U.S., Australia and New Zealand first, with Canadian businesses reportedly getting access to the services before the end of the year.