Watch master storytellers play ‘finish that sentence’

Director X, WSJ and others do a it of improv at Marketing Live

Marketing staff November 17, 2016

When we held Marketing Live: The Story Begins on the stage of the Sony Centre in Toronto last month, we covered all the important aspects of creating branded content — storytelling approaches, case studies, analytics , everything. Over the course of the day, though, we pushed our speakers to show rather than merely tell.

Working with our social media partner Republik, we asked an array of experts — including Director X and executives from Canada Post, Mass Minority, CollegeHumor and Mashable — to try a game most of us first played in elementary school. We gave them a question, they had to come up with an original answer, and then each successive person had to pick up on the thought and carry it forward. Here’s the result:

And if you want to get a better sense of who these people are and what Marketing Live looked like, here’s the highlight reel: