Jets logo a burnout with Marketing readers

Marketing readers give new Winnipeg Jets logo the thumbs down

Hockey inflames passions (which is why so many marketers jump on its bandwagon come playoff time), and the Jets’ triumphant return to the city of their birth has our love of the game burning brightly.

However, according to yesterday’s poll, when it comes to Winnipeg’s new NHL team logo, the majority of Marketing readers think the military-themed mark misses its target.

More than 42% of poll participants thought the stylized jet-and-maple-leaf logo was a poor choice.

Just over 33% said they liked the new logo, choosing our “great decision” option.

Here’s how the voting broke down:

The Winnipeg Jets have unveiled their logo. What do you think?
• It looks like Dept. of National Defence letterhead. Is it too early for a redesign? – 42.34%
• The Canadian Forces connection was a great decision and really taps heritage and local pride – 33.28%
• The air force is cool, but I’m just glad the logo works – 15.62%
• Other – 6.72%
• Who cares? I’ll only buy hats if they actually win games – 2.04%

The new Winnipeg Jets logo

The new Winnipeg Jets logo

Here’s what some of our readers had to say.
“[F]ace it, its tacky…looks like something north korea would come up with !…lol” – ed, on

“Great primary logo and branding. Within the top 5 in the NHL easily and can’t wait to see how the shoulder patches, primary cresting goes with jersey’s. In line to purchase myself – classy new Winnipeg organization with great touch and tribute to our RCAF – Well done Winnipeg.” – Gary, on

“Not trying to slag it – just honest feedback: Feels derivative, and somewhat designed by committee. The individual elements seem too obvious.” – BC on

“Looks modern but unoriginal.” – @theinview

“[J]ust too stuffy. Folks wanted vintage look retained b/c of nostalgia from happy times. Looks like rebranding for air canada!!” – @DrewBay1

“There will always be a group who want to live in the past and will cry about it. I like the new Jets logo design.” – @jeffswimmer

“The Jets Logo is HIP cool modern and fashionable. Unfortunately Winnipeg is NONE of those things. So it makes perfect sense” – @JPO1973

“Ben Sherman called. He wants his logo back. I also have Ben Harper on the line if anyone wants to field his call.” – bjws, on

More comments can be viewed here, or by searching Twitter for @marketing_mag.

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