4 ways to reimagine marketing with martech

Data is the new language in a hyper-connected world

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Data Marketing 2016 & Content Marketing Summit offers a universe of business insights from world-leading brands. Over 70 experts will share their insights on the latest trends and marketing innovations.

Find out the top 4 ways in which Mar-Tech can help you re-imagine marketing:

1. Loyalty programs. Canada’s largest online travel brand Expedia.ca has been a market innovator. The use of loyalty programs to gain data insights has been playing a key role in the industry. Their outstanding sponsorship program which partners with Canada’s very own Blue Jays, Toronto FC and Montreal Canadiens is led by Adam Francis, Director of Brand-Marketing. Adam will join us on Nov. 28 for the Panel Discussion on Interactive Content.

2. Consumer engagement also plays a significant role, showing how brands can grow movements with their marketing strategies. The Movember Foundation created a movement in solidarity to their causes, such as prostate cancer, mental health and suicide prevention. What makes them wildly successful is their social media engagements, like “Grow a Mo, save a Bro” and “Take the Move” challenges, that translate to real-life. The Movember Foundations very own Director of Marketing and Communications, Jon Tower Akerman will also be joining us this Fall.

3. Buzzfeed is an example of the importance and perfecting the art of Marketing to Millennials to stay ahead. Justin Bastedo, Brand Strategy Manager at Buzzfeed, will also be at our co-located Content Marketing Summit. Its all about the content production in a new, rapidly-evolving, mobile-focused digital age. With six seconds to sell your brand, what would say?

4. Creating Killer Content is at the soul of your data-driven strategies. Creativity and storytelling is what Kenwyn Forgenie is exceptionally good at, while working as Account Manager at R/GA Shanghai, a leading advertising agency whose clients include Beats by Dre, Nike, and Converse China. Living for the past 8 years in Asia, he has worked with some of the most popular sports and entertainment brands, but also shows us how brands transcend into a global language.

The conference will be creating an exclusive platform for marketers to master customer intelligence and the use of analytics. Over the show’s two days, Data Marketing will offer the attendees Master Classes, Panel Discussions, and Keynotes led by 80+ leading experts.
Don’t get lost in translation. Learn today’s data-analytics language and Let Your Data Speak!

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