Data, algorithms and the big issues for advertisers (Video)

Jennifer Golbeck discusses the challenge of getting users to trust and share information

Shane Schick July 12, 2016

Every week, Jennifer Golbeck gets offers — which she turns down — from brands who want her to help them better understand how to encourage consumers to offer information, and how to best use it.

The director for the Human Interaction Lab at the University of Maryland says she wants to remain a neutral, objective researcher in the issues about online and social media marketing, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t willing to share her thoughts publicly.

As Marketing noted in covering her speech at the CDMC’s recent Vision 20/20 conference, Golbeck has developed some fascinating insights on what companies could discern from the way people use sites like Facebook and Twitter.

In this video interview, however, Golbeck talks more broadly about things that may be on the minds of ad agencies and their clients, including: