ScribbleLive launches planning service for content marketing

Content marketing SaaS wants to quarterback your content strategy

Jeromy Lloyd March 22, 2016

ScribbleLive, the Toronto-based content marketing service provider, has launched a planning service.

According to John Lute, director of content and influencer marketing, ScribbleLive Plan is intended to coordinate messaging across various platforms with marketers’ content and creative teams at the early stages of a campaign.

The service is positioned as a means to “ensure that every piece of content, whether it’s a single tweet or webinar series, is aligned to the same goals, focused on the right personas and working as efficiently as possible to move the needle,” according to a release.

The company launched in 2009 and uses data science to help marketers find topics to build content around, as well as a means to produce, distribute and measure that content. In February, it acquired Visually to enhance its production of the more visual forms of content (i.e. video and infographics).

“As ScribbleLive continues to deliver on our mission to provide global brand marketers with a complete solution for the most effective content marketing, we are proud to introduce ScribbleLive Plan,” said Vince Mifsud, ScribbleLive’s CEO, in a release. “Market demand to take advantage of the key capabilities ScribbleLive Plan offers is very strong, and we are excited to deliver this enhanced solution.”

The 130-person company currently has offices in Toronto, New York, London, Melbourne and Dubai.