Trader teams with Coherent Path on consumer intel and affiliates get smarter about Canada's car buyers

Jeromy Lloyd August 16, 2016

Trader Corporation, which operates the popular, has partnered with Coherent Path to better use its large pool of customer data and better target Canada’s car buyers.

The auto sector is extremely active in online marketing as most car buyers research new purchases online well before setting foot on a dealer’s lot. and its affiliated sites and receive 13.5 million monthly visits, and its apps have been downloaded more than three million times.

The deal with Toronto-based Coherent Path offers Trader a predictive analytics and data mining platform for that mountain of data to better find where a given car shopper is in the purchase funnel.

“Most Canadian car buying journeys involve at some point, and that creates a lot of data,” said Roger Dunbar, vice-president of marketing at Trader. “By leveraging this marketplace data high-ground, we will be able to project and stimulate the car buying journey for individual consumers. Our [advertisers] will have the ability to strategically place messages within the various stages of the consumer’s journey, increasing ad effectiveness and driving incremental revenue as a result.

Trader reports that “initial deployments of the technology have delivered more than 40% better ad performance than traditional targeting techniques,” for its manufacturer and dealer ad clients.