How to leverage video content marketing without breaking the bank

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Video outperforms text digitally on numerous fronts, including memorability, engagement and shareability. Its use by communications and marketing professionals has seen significant growth over the past few years, and all trends indicate it will continue to grow. According to the Content Marketing Institute, 72% of B2C marketers use video as part of their content marketing tactics.

However, one of the serious challenges that content marketers are facing today is creating enough quality content for the various platforms and media channels they are using with a limited budget; and video is often considered a luxury. How can brands leverage video cost-effectively as part of their content marketing strategies?

Adopt an integrated approach to content marketing

To ensure all content marketing efforts work seamlessly and offer a consistent customer experience, brands have had to rethink their marketing structures and shift towards a more integrated approach. Leveraging budgets appropriately, without the restraints of disciplines, departments or agencies, is key to successful content marketing.

Repurpose video content across multiple platforms

By planning multiple uses for a video footage prior to the video shoot, brands can optimize their video budget. The same footage can be used to create video content for television, online and social platforms. In today’s multi-screen world, finding innovative ways to repurpose content across multiple platforms is another key to successful content marketing.

Leverage paid, earned, owned and shared media channels

All marketers are hoping to produce a viral video that will get them mass exposure. However, most viral videos have a paid distribution strategy behind them. After producing a branded video, many marketers fail to leverage the content, and maximize its exposure. Knowing which media channels you are going to use to promote the video, and making sure your target audience gets the opportunity to see the video, is crucial to its success.

Look at what other brands are doing

An example of a brand that is creating video content and repurposing it across multiple screens is Canada Protection Plan. Working with Fifth Story, a Toronto-based content marketing firm, the company’s in-house agency, The Media Cottage, created a video segment featured in For Your Life, Fifth Story’s television show highlighting lifestyle stories. For Your Life aired on television stations such as Food Network, HGTV and Showcase (paid media). The video segment was then edited to create additional content: a television spot that aired on selected stations, a video news release for distribution to Fifth Story’s earned media network, as well as an online video for digital and social promotion.

There you have it: you can create video content that can be leveraged across multiple screens to engage your audience, amplify your message, and achieve your goals – all of this, in a cost-effective way. For more information about the For Your Life program, click here.

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