Watch This: Iogo’s talking dots

Ultima's yogurt brand believes if you've got an umlaut, flaunt it!

It’s not uncommon for brands to anthropomorphize products or some element of the name or logo in their marketing, but punctuation? When your brand is blessed with the eccentric umlaut, it probably makes sense to trade on that personality.

That’s what Ultima yogurt brand Iögo is doing in a series of 15-second spots. The brand describes itself as a “short name with high visual impact that is instantly recognizable. The two dots suggest something different, something new, something to be discovered.” Viewers get a chance to discover that personality – as therapist and patient, gossiping friends, and partners having breakfast. They’re strange and snappy and will probably leave you shaking your head like you’ve just experienced some mild hallucination, in a good way.

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