8:30 AM

Melody Adhami, President, Plastic Mobile

Darren Pereira, President, Indusblue, Publisher, Swagg News International

Opening Remarks

8:45 AM

Speaker TBC

Opening Keynote

9:15 AM

Mike Bailey, Engineer, Senior Staff Manager,

Transforming Mobile Marketing Through “Apps That Can See”
Recent advances in Augmented Reality have opened new doors for developers and marketers to connect with users through compelling, interactive, and engaging mobile experiences. Whether its creating storefronts, print companion uses, driving consumers to retail, or bringing products to life, Qualcomm Vuforia will share how brands and marketers are using Augmented Reality to transform their mobile experiences and drive awareness, adoption, and loyalty with their customers.

9:45 AM

Session TBC

10:15 AM




Networking Break

10:40 AM

Joline McGoldrick, Research Director, Dynamic Logic

Cesar Zea, Director, Client Service, Millward Brown

Connection and Courtesy: Finding the Right Mobile Ad Balance With Consumers
Mobile marketing remains new territory for many brands, but they need to tread carefully here in order to connect with consumers without overstepping boundaries. Millward Brown’s AdReaction study found that only 11 percent of smartphone users and 16 percent of tablet users indicate they are favorable toward mobile advertising, indicating a chasm between effectiveness and love. This session includes an overview of the ad formats that successfully achieve the right balance in reaching consumers via mobile and opportunities for marketers and publishers to innovate, test, learn and effectively use mobile to build great brands.

11:10 AM

Raj Kuchibhatla, Senior Manager, Business Development,
Rogers Connect Research

Jeromy Lloyd, Online Editor,
Marketing Magazine

Marketing’s Mobile Research Snapshot
Marketing will present topline findings of their Mobile Research Report. This report will be just days out the field and will provide an in-depth statistical analysis of Canada's mobile marketing industry. This national survey will focus on mobile marketing, advertising and promotion and will provide insights into agency buying behaviour and the intrinsic value of mobile versus other digital platforms.

11:30 AM

Neil Sweeney
, President and CEO,
Juice Mobile

Andrew Macdonald, General Manager

Justin Raymond, President,
Hailo Network Canada Inc.

Transforming the Travel Industry
A panel of experts from the travel industry will discuss how customer behaviours are being transformed through mobile technology and what the implications are for your business

12:10 PM


1:00 PM

Session TBC


1:30 PM

Xtreme Labs

Responsive design vs. Mobile First design - Which approach are you taking?


2:15 PM

Emmie Fukuchi, Associate Vice-President, Digital and New Media, AIR MILES Reward Program, Loyalty One

Lindsay Norton, Senior Marketing Manager, Member Engagement, SCENE

Mobile and Retail offers


2:55 PM

Kathy Kohn
, Chief Creative Officer & Partner, Henderson Bas Kohn


Vitamin Water

Mobile Now or Mobile Can Wait: The Agency vs Client Debate.
Is everything in the palm of our hands? Do we all jump in the mobile marketing waters because it's 2013? Or should we take a more strategic approach to our marketing efforts and build integrated campaigns? Mobile first or can mobile wait? Join our panel of agency heads and brand marketers in this much anticipated debate, moderated and instigated by one of Toronto's most creative minds, Kathy Kohn.

3:35 PM

Patrick Albano, Vice-President of Social, Mobile and Innovation Sales, Yahoo!

Closing Keynote: Making it Mobile
The proliferation of social channels, apps and mobile devices has rapidly changed consumer’s daily habits, and continues to drive increased mobile & tablet usage. Common features are providing consumers and advertisers the ability to move seamlessly across experiences and platforms. Join Patrick Albano, Vice-President of Social, Mobile and Innovation Sales at Yahoo! to explore how core consumer insights are driving mobile product strategy and making people’s daily habits on their mobile devices more inspiring and entertaining.


4:05 PM

Melody Adhami, President, Plastic Mobile

Darren Pereira, President, Indusblue, Publisher, Swagg News International

Closing Remarks

4:10 PM

Networking Reception - TBA






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